Encourage cycling among your employees

Companies! You have a role to play in encouraging your employees to use bicycles. Numerous actions - large and small - can make life easier for bike riders. To inspire you, we asked the ST MicroElectronics company, which in 2016 has set up a particularly attractive cycling plan. 

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Different actions to encourage your employees to come by bike 

Ciao the company car, long live the bike? More and more companies are giving priority to developing cycling among their employees. We were able to discuss with Christophe Roullier, the employee in charge of the bicycle mobility plan at ST MicroElectronics. The company, with some 250 employees at its Le Mans site, has set up an ambitious mobility plan to encourage cycling among its employees. We share their good ideas with you.

  • Bicycle servicing on offer ST MicroElectronics organizes free review sessions for its employees twice a year. A service provider comes directly to the company site to carry out repairs. We love it.
  • Provision of an electric bicycle : ST Micro Electronics employees use it for a variety of reasons (walking between 12h-14h, trying the home-to-work commute...). All they have to do is register on the schedule to familiarise themselves with cycling on a daily basis. 
  • Offer bicycle equipment kits : different types of kits are offered on the Le Mans site (worth 50€ each). A first safety kit essential to start cycling (bell, helmet, spokes reflectors). To help make the bike durable, other kits exist: comfort kit (rain cape, rain pants), night kit (USB lights, U-shaped anti-theft device) or family kit (child seat...).
  • Join a cycling association : ST MicroElectronics pays a membership fee to the Cycladic association to enable employees to become even more involved in the practice of velotafing and to encourage urban infrastructure.

By enrolling in the plan, ST MicroElectronics employees can benefit from all the advantages. In return, they must commit to making more than 50% of their home-to-work trips by bicycle. This is a real long-term relationship based on trust, but also a way to ensure that the plan is viable. 

An idea for a bike kit for your employees with JSAV products: the Suzu bell, Kryptonite anti-theft device and beam reflectors.

We have also thought of a few additional tips to help your employees through this transition as well as possible: 

  • Creation of dedicated infrastructures on the company's site Not being able to park your bike at your workplace is one of the biggest obstacles to pedalling. And when you know that a single car space can accommodate 4 bicycle spaces, you don't need to hesitate for long. The coach no longer turns into a pumpkin... but into a bicycle! 
  • Showers! Although there are many solutions to avoid sweating on a bike, novices are not necessarily ready to invest in them. So you need to reassure your employees: offer them showers or changing rooms on your site. There is nothing worse than arriving all sweaty at the first meeting of the day... 
  • Adopt the sustainable mobility package This aid can amount to up to €400 per year per employee (exempt from taxes and social security contributions) to contribute to your employees' travel expenses.  
  • Organization of bicycle workshops Whether it's practical or theoretical workshops, to get on a bike, your employees need to understand the different issues they will be facing. Thus, saddle riding workshops or conferences on the velotaf can be good ways to put them in confidence. 

And for the company, what are the benefits?

Obviously, everything we have just suggested represents a certain budget. But don't worry, the company can also benefit from it.

  • Valuing your action on the environment : Today, the mobility plan is considered as a real company project as part of a quality approach or an environmental management system. Thus, the budget allocated to this mobility plan can be subject to tax deductions in order to accompany you in this cycling transition. 
  • Increase your productivity : Employees who come by bike are less stressed and healthier employees. This dimension has been noted in particular at the ST MicroElectronics site with a low absenteeism rate. 
  • Staying attractive: The cyclability of a company becomes a real selection choice for job seekers. In order to continue to make your company attractive, it is therefore necessary that you show that you feel concerned by this issue. 

You now have all the keys in hand to convert the accelerator pedal into a bicycle pedal. Have a good transition! 

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