Strike: 5 steps to go from metro to bicycle

RTT? Teleworking? No, you, on December 5th, no choice, you have to go to the office. And this time you're determined: you're going to take your bike! You're quite right. On the other hand, cycling requires a bit of preparation. So, for you, a novice, we've prepared a little guide for beginners on a bike.

Strike day on the RER: bike pass
Credits: Jean-Pierre Dalbéra
  • Find a bike

Don't you have a bike? Are you thinking about Vélib, Vélov or JUMP? Frankly, we love it, but December 5th is a bad idea. They're going to be taken by storm. Buy a bike? Yes! But not so fast, it's an investment you should think about quietly. The best thing? The old bicycle of your great aunt, your grandfather, the bike your brother bought four years ago and never used... so many bikes that sleep in cellars and are just waiting to be used again. Good thing you're here.

  • Revise it

Ok, you're now equipped. Depending on how long your bike has been in the basement or the attic, it's in more or less good condition... First of all, you have to give it a boost. The easiest way? The bicycle room in your building. A generous neighbour will have left his pump there.

Otherwise, you've got self-serve pumps in town, too:
In Paris:
In Nantes:
For the other cities, there are a few, but we haven't found any maps (we're waiting for your lights!).

As a last resort, drop by the nearest bike shop, they'll take care of it for you.

  • Equip yourself

Tire, all good ? Ok, now, the lights. Essential, even more so in winter. Front and back, it's mandatory, and above all indispensable to be clearly visible. Of course, we offer you our products, they're the best. To start, this kit is top:

kit lighting knog bike city bike sock

The padlock: to prevent the dream from turning into a nightmare and disgusting you once and for all of the bike, you have to avoid theft. And for that, there is only one solution, we will not stop repeating it, a GOOD anti-theft device! We recommend it, the top quality/price level.
Plus Kryptonite insures your bike for free with your lock. Nice, right?

The helmet isn't mandatory, but it will give you a look of madness a sense of security necessary for a safe takeoff. We love this one:

thousand speeway cream helmet
  • Plan your itinerary and the parking lot of your bike.

Essential! Plan your route carefully. Favour cycling routes (never very pleasant to share your path with cars - or worse, two wheels). The best way to do this is Geobike, the Google Maps of cycling. To be found online here, or better yet, an app on your phone.

Also think about parking your bike! At the office, spot colleagues who come by bike and ask them where they are attached. You'll see, it's a great atmosphere between cyclists. See if there are bike spaces in the building's parking lot (for a few years now, it's mandatory!). The best thing is to park your bike inside, but with a good anti-theft device, it's largely possible to leave it outside on an attachment point.

A friendly tip: ride a bike for the first time with a self-service bike. If you live in the Ile-de-France region, the MDB association suggests that you ride a shared bike: the aim is to be accompanied and guided by someone who rides the bike every day and who will take the time to guide you through your first pedal strokes. At least look at this card to see where the others are going! 😉

On the big day? You can pack your deodorant and a spare t-shirt for more comfort at the office (we at JSAV don't even wear deodorant anymore).

And one more thing. Your commute burns a lot of calories, so make your snack a little bigger!

  • Transforms the trial

Cycling is like... tennis. Your first match wasn't the best, your first biketaf trip won't be either. But hang in there: as you ride, you'll gain confidence in your bike and have more and more fun. Every day, you'll find ways to optimize your ride, know where to stand so you don't get stuck at that damn crossroads, and find the best bike paths...We believe in you!

2 thoughts on “Grève : 5 étapes pour passer du métro au vélo

  1. Vaness says:

    Well done, guys.
    Go and inflate your bike at your local cyclist's but don't forget to go on the internet to get all the things you could have bought from the same cyclist who kindly did you a favour.

    • Publio Crété says:

      Hello, thank you for your comment! We are delighted to see that our rice.readers are as committed as we are and take the time to write us comments.

      Indeed, we invite you to buy beautiful products on our site and to inflate your tires in our shop, and this for two reasons.
      First of all.., our job is to find bicycle accessories for everyday use that are beautiful, pleasant to wear/use, practical & smart and environmentally friendly.Because we believe that the adoption of a solution (the #velotaf in this case) is also about fun and playfulness.

      Then, contrary to popular belief.., bike shops don't want to spend time managing parka stocksAsk your favourite bike repair shop if they are interested in selling textile items, for example. You'd be surprised how many "no" answers you get in small shops, and that's why we're here.

      In short, we and the bike shops are two wheels on the same bike, the one of peaceful mobility. 😉

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