Bicycle chain 90 cm Model Evolution series 4 - Kryptonite

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Are you familiar with the trauma of the stolen bike? We wouldn't wish it on you. There is only one solution to protect your bike in the city for the long term: invest in a good anti-theft device. We have selected for you the best models on the market, the most reliable to protect your bike in a big city or elsewhere. This one, from the American brand Kryptonite, is the best choice in terms of chain. It offers an excellent level of protection (8/10 on the brand's scale). Ultra-strong, it has been designed to resist hooking and drilling attempts. Lifetime warranty. The must? When you buy it, you can benefit from free Kryptonite insurance for 1 year. Your bike is insured up to 2700€ in case of breakage of the lock.

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