Electric bike, "fake bikers"? Stop the nonsense!

"You ride your bike to work every day? That's classy!"
"Yes. Electric bike."
"Ah... That's cheating!".

How many times do you see this kind of exchange when you use an EAB (Electrically Assisted Bike)? Too many! So many times that you don't even dare to say you're on a bike anymore. EAB cyclists would be less legitimate. As if, to ride a bike, you have to do tens of kilometers. Suffering. Sweating. The kiff what.

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Me on my bike in the morning (joke).

At JE SUIS À VÉLO, we don't agree. We think the most important thing is that you're on a bike. Evening and morning, electric or not.

This vision, still very French, of associating the bicycle with sporting effort, is out of time. What counts is not the kilometres, but the fact that you use your bicycle every day as a means of transport. Whether you are out in the open air, in contact with the city, with your ears in the wind. Whether you do your shopping, find your lover, get your children back on your bicycle.

Moreover, thanks to the electric bike, anyone can ride a bike, whatever its shape or route. The EVA increases the range of possibilities of the velotaf! Before, it was unimaginable to ride from the suburbs to the city centre. Today, you can ride 20km without any problems on a daily basis!

In short, EAV contributes to the growth of the velotaf, the increase in the number of cyclists, the reduction in the number of cars, and the transformation of our cities.

So, you, EVA cyclist, be proud or proud, stay on your bike, you are our HERO(ÏNE).

Team JSAV, with love

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