42 degrees in Paris, 39 in Strasbourg, 40 in Lyon. It has been very hot these last few days in France. All the more reason not to put a toe in the subway, the bus, or worse, the interior of a car. We take the bike, our hair in the wind, and we pedal, happy. Well, okay, let's face it, reality is often less glamorous. At 104 degrees, everyone's sweating. Except maybe Roger, the man who doesn't sweat. But that's another story.


So maybe you've resigned yourself to it. Maybe you've already accepted the social risk that the urban cyclist faces every day. Arriving at the office sweating, with halos in more or less hazardous places on your body, praying that they will disappear quickly.

Well, we at I AM BY BIKE say NO.

NO to perspiration, NO to giving up cycling, NO to being isolated in the office. There are solutions. At the very least, there are good practices. Below are our 5 recommendations, in order of priority, to limit perspiration when cycling.

Don't wear an unhappy backpack 

The ultimate mistake. Wearing a backpack. No, no and no! It only takes a few minutes to get your delicate shirt wet. Manufacturers are working hard to invent breathable designs (like the breathable bags Chrome) but the best solution is to keep your back out in the open. From there, there are several solutions:

  • Adopt a "convertible" backpack. A traditional backpack, it can also be hung on your luggage rack during your bike trips. For example, the Two Wheel Gear Backpack or the one made in France of Musettes.
  • Place your bag in a basket or on a utility carrier such as a "package carrier" like this one.
  • Opt for the shoulder bag (type la Kadet) It's not ideal though, the shoulder strap will make you sweat.
Backpack convertible into a carrier bag

Pedal gently

Yeah, yeah, we can already see you saying, "Okay, thanks for the great advice." But you have to remember that. It's the best solution to avoid sweating. No, you're not on a Tour de France race every morning. No, the bus next to you is not trying to race.
Yes, it's never pleasant to be overtaken by other bikes (especially electric ones).

But that's life! And you'll see, there are plenty of other benefits to pedaling slowly. 1) you're safer, 2) you admire the city, 3) you enjoy your bike rides even more, 4) you delay your arrival at work. In short, pedaling slowly in the city is a superior state that only the best of us can achieve. Maybe you will one day, too. But believe us, it's the best way to limit perspiration on a bike.

Otherwise, the must is the electric bike. Absolutely electric. So we can already hear you say "pff, that's not a bike!" Now we'll stop you right there. You're a has-been! The electric bike is the revolution that will put everyone on a bike. So take the plunge! You'll never sweat again, or much less, whatever the altitude difference, or the length of your journey. Imagine your new field of possibilities on a bike from now on!

Wears the right clothes

We dress loose-fitting, we dress breathable! We prefer synthetic and light materials that are more breathable. We avoid thick cotton at all costs. We can also opt for some incredible technical textiles for perspiration, such as merino wool (and yes, even when it's hot).
"Okay, great, what if I have to wear the suit every day?" Change the direct box. No miracles, you'll have to dress lightly for the journey and change when you get to work. In this case, we advise you to the super Two Wheel Gear bag to carry your suit on your bike without wrinkling it.

Get hydrated

Drinking is essential for your health, but also to bring your body temperature down and avoid the heat stroke that will make you sweat excessively. So hydrate before, during and after the trip.

Cycling under the torpor

Adopts technical underwear

Tough, tough, sweat marks on your crotch when you get off the bike. You hope your colleagues don't see them and that they'll dry quickly? Well, they don't, they see EVERYTHING. So let's team up! Objective? To let the skin breathe, wick away sweat, limit the spread of bacteria and bad odours.

Okay, now you know everything. If you have good ideas, too, we're takers.

Until then, follow us on Insta. @jesuisavelo and Facebook @jesuisaveloblog. and stroll on !

See you soon, at vélo🚲 

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