Wicker or steel, detachable or fixed, we offer a wide range of strong and durable baskets for your bike. The perfect choice to hold your bag or a few items of shopping. If you want to carry bulkier loads, take a look at our pannier racks! 

Bike baskets are accessories that are aimed at urban cyclists who are used to doing their shopping by bike or even going to their place of work with this mode of transport. Practical, you just have to put what you want to take with you and take it out easily once you arrive at your destination.

Why opt for bike baskets?

Bike baskets are accessories that can be found on many frames, and for good reason, they greatly facilitate the daily life of bike riders. To put your handbag, shopping bag or other items in and to retrieve them as soon as you arrive, bike baskets are easily accessible storage spaces. Frequent stops make them especially useful compared to other ways of storing your stuff on a bike.

There are a multitude of possibilities when it comes to models, styles, colours and prices. Every cyclist will be able to find bike baskets that suit them. For example, you can opt for a metal model that is both simple and robust. If you like the country style, why not opt for a woven basket on the front of your bike? Lighter and more economical solutions also exist with plastic bike baskets for example. You'll even have the option of choosing models for children.


The bike basket can be attached to the handlebars as well as to the fork head, depending on the model chosen. Even non-tinkerers will easily manage to install their model on their frame.

What other bike storage solutions?

The basket is a popular solution on a bike, but so is the crate. It will have the advantage of being able to be attached to the front as well as the rear on the luggage rack thanks to dedicated fasteners and will usually be removable for convenience.

Besides, just as you can add a basket to your bike, you can also add a luggage rack. There are front and rear racks that can be mounted directly on the bikes so that you can hang a crate or even a rack bag on them and detach them without hassle.

The rack bag is a storage bag that can be attached to the rack by a strap or even a clip system. It is also possible to attach two bags on either side of the luggage rack. It can be converted into a rucksack so that it can be carried outside of cycling and still be hands-free. There are carrier bags in all styles to suit every cyclist's needs.

The bike handlebar bags are also an interesting solution that can be quite combined with the presence of a basket. The handlebar bag comes as a small pocket in which to store your most essential items for example a smartphone or wallet. There are also suit bags to roll up and hang on the handlebars of your bike.

Discover our specialist basket brands: Basil baskets, WALD baskets, BLB baskets, Cycles Manivelles baskets, Weathergoods Sweden baskets and Urban Proof baskets. 

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