Handlebar bags & saddlebags

Handlebar bags & saddlebags

The perfect finishing touch for your bike! Our practical and sturdy handlebar bags and saddlebags let you take all your essentials everywhere you go. 

Bike handlebar and seat panniers are particularly practical accessories when you want to carry your stuff on your bike. They will have the advantage of not obstructing movement and not unbalancing the bike so you can move around with ease!

What are bicycle handlebar and saddle bags?

Bike handlebar and saddle bags are storage accessories that you will be able to attach to either the saddle or handlebars of your bike. You will thus be able to have a bike saddle bag or a bike handlebar bag depending on your needs in order to store your personal belongings, your business belongings, your groceries, your rainsuits of bike or other. So, bike riders will easily find a use for bike handlebar and saddle bags.

The saddle bag, for example, is a product that will hang just below the bike's saddle thanks to a specific attachment system. The bicycle saddle bag can allow you to take advantage of a more or less large capacity depending on the model chosen and can also be waterproof. The saddle bag is fixed either to the seat post or to the seat rail, depending on the bike on which you wish to install this type of product. It has the advantage of not unbalancing the bike on one side or the other and is available in various sizes and therefore at different prices.

The handlebar bag for bicycles is based on the same principle since it allows you to come and hang it directly on the handlebars by a strap, clip or other system depending on the model. The advantage of the handlebar bag is that it is easily accessible, making it particularly suitable for storing wallets and smartphones. It can be easily monitored. There are even models of bike handlebar pouch that have an opening dedicated to pass the headphone wire like the handlebar pouch Linus Bike. We also offer a bike handlebar pouch dedicated to carrying suits as it is a suit cover to be rolled and attached to the handlebars: the Tucano Urbano suit carrier handlebar pouch.

The bike handlebar and saddle bags are therefore very practical storage for the daily life of bike riders.

What to complement this type of bag with?

To complement the use of handlebar and saddle bags and gain all the more storage space to carry your stuff, it is also possible to opt for one or more bags at the carrier.

In fact, carrying bags can be found in different styles, shapes, colours, to suit everyone's expectations. For example, there are so-called convertible bags that can be hooked to the carrier and then easily detached and then worn as a backpack, a tote bag or even a shoulder bag.

It is also possible to add a basket to the front of your bike with a suitable installation which will be particularly interesting for storing your groceries while you get to your destination for example.

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