Repair kit

Repair kit

To be prepared for any eventuality, the bike repair kit will prevent you from getting a flat on your way to and from work. Compact and easy to carry, it fits in your luggage bag and waits patiently to help you if necessary!

What's inside a bike repair kit?

Depending on the kit you choose, what you'll find inside may be somewhat different, but generally speaking, a bike repair kit contains tools and accessories that will allow you to maintain and repair your bike. By taking it with you on your journeys (by slipping it into your carrier bag, for example), you can always have it with you when you need it.

Among our selection, you'll find in particular the cyclist repair kit from Kikkerland which is a bicycle tyre repair kit. In its small vintage style metal box, you'll have everything you need to fix a momentary flat wheel and tinker with your bike with an assortment of patches, 6 allen keys, 2 tyre levers (metal tyre levelers), glue, a buffer, a set of bone tools, and a puncture repair kit. With this bike repair kit, you are prepared for many eventualities and can therefore make your journeys without dreading getting a flat and finishing the journey on foot.

Other bike maintenance accessories

Maintaining your bike is the secret to giving it a long life! While there are several good reflexes to adopt, having the right equipment also makes a difference. There is the bike repair kit of course, but also other accessories that can be used.

In particular, we offer you the Topeak cyclist's multi-tool with its various spanners so you can always have the one you need to tinker with your bike. In our selection, you can also discover several models of bicycle pumps. Some with a foot for more comfort when inflating and other mini versions to hang on the frame of your bike so you can take it everywhere.

Good bike maintenance

To be able to make your daily trips safely, maintaining your bike is a task to be carried out more or less frequently depending on how you use it. A healthy bike is a clean bike. Mud and dirt can accelerate the ageing of your bike, so a good cleaning is necessary on a regular basis. Simply use a damp cloth and remember to change your water several times if it is very dirty. The crankset, the steering, the rims, the frame, the spokes, everything must be impeccable.

Also remember to observe the condition of your tyres to make sure they are well inflated and not too worn either, in which case you should consider changing them. What's more, if during a journey you feel something unusual or hear a suspicious noise, consider asking a professional to take a look. Whether it's putting a patch on your wheel's inner tube, putting the chain back in its place, or changing spare parts, bike tool kits are a real first aid kit for your bike.

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