Front lights

Front lights

Among the various compulsory devices for bicycles, there are lights, including rear lights for bicycles. Red in colour and usually positioned under the saddle, it allows you to signal your presence to other road users to ensure that you are riding safely. We have a selection of different models so you can find the one you need!

To see and be seen when riding at night or when visibility is insufficient, you have the option of opting for front bike lights. Mandatory, this type of lighting will come to be fixed at the level of the handlebars and you will be able to easily switch it on as soon as you need it!

Why is a front bike light mandatory?

In the majority of cities, lighting is sufficient for easy travel. However, there are times when trips are made in the countryside, when the road is poorly lit or simply when you want to improve your visibility. Front lights for bicycles are particularly suitable for this type of situation and allow you to see better, but also to be seen. The addition of front lights for bicycles also allows other road users to see the bicycle better, which is why this type of device is mandatory.

In fact, various pieces of equipment are compulsory when cycling. This includes the helmet for children under the age of 12, the bell, reflectors in various places, a high visibility waistcoat outside built-up areas, rear lighting and front lighting. A person riding a bicycle at night or when visibility is insufficient must therefore have a position light emitting a yellow or white non-dazzling light towards the front.

Our front lights

We have several products for you to choose from in terms of bike front lights that will meet your expectations.
In particular, you can choose the Bookman Front Block Light. At an affordable price, this accessory in black and with a minimalist look allows you to enjoy a battery life of up to 25 hours and 4 lighting modes. It can be accessed at the touch of a button and is attached by means of an elastic strap. It has a power output of up to 50 lumens and this light requires a full 2 hour recharge via USB.


Bookman also offers another model of bike front light which is the Curve model. The Curve model is also USB rechargeable and has a power output of up to 220 lumens. It will withstand any weather and can be easily attached with its rubber strap. It has a battery life of 70 hours and has a battery indicator.


For more power, you can choose the Beryl laser bike light. This is a front bike light featuring a powerful 400 lumen light with 4 lighting modes (powerful fixed, 100% fixed, 50% fixed and flashing). The projection of a green bike on the ground a few meters before the handlebars is also added to this product to signal its presence. The autonomy of this lighting is 41 hours.

Our other lights

In addition to our front bike lights, it is quite possible to add a rear light to your bike as this is also a mandatory device for cycling. We also offer some lighting kits to hang on your person or on your bag, for example, in order to be all the more visible on the road. When cycling in the city, you can choose Knog models which are easy to hang on an item of clothing or a bag.

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