Chain locks

Chain locks

Chain locks allow you to secure the place where your bike has been parked to limit the risk of theft. Easy to use and handle, they are a practical and effective solution. We offer different models of chain locks so that you can choose the one that corresponds to the desired level of security.

Why opt for chain locks?

antitheft will be in order to limit the risk of theft. Chain locks are among the most robust models on the market (this is also the case with U-shaped locks for example). They consist of a thick chain surrounded by a sheath that can be closed on itself with a secure device. This is actually a large chain and a padlock in a more practical version for everyday use. With a turn of the key, the bike lock chain can be locked and the bike can be left without fear of it being stolen.

Our chain lock models

Our chain locks have been selected from brands that know their stuff inside out to give you the option of a bike lock chain that suits your needs. Our 90 cm steel chain lock model Evolution series 4 from Kryptonite for example will allow you to have an effective lock in all circumstances. Kryptonite is a brand specialised in the design of locks and also offers U-locks. This product from the brand has a strength rating of 8/10. It has been designed to resist attempts to pick and drill. It is an accessory available at an affordable price. It has a lifetime guarantee and can be combined with free bike insurance for the first year from Kryptonite. If the lock is broken, your bike is insured for up to €2700. What's more, if you lose the keys, you can call on the brand to obtain copies. More than this chain lock model, it's also all the support offered by Kryptonite that will allow you to remain serene when you park your bike.


Locking your bike properly


Turning to effective chain lock models is obviously a very good way to limit the risk of your bike being stolen, but you still need to properly secure your bike. Whether you use a chain lock or a U-shaped cable lock, for example, it is advisable to secure part of the frame, part of the front wheel if possible, and of course a fixed point such as a solid barrier. Only if you take the time to secure your bike properly with the right equipment can you leave it without worrying about it being stolen while you are away.

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