Saddle, wheel & pannier locks

To increase the security of your bike and prevent theft as much as possible, the saddle lock, wheel lock and pannier lock are accessories that you can use. Designed to prevent theft of the saddle or wheel, they accompany the anti-theft device attached to the frame to limit the risks as much as possible when the bike is very exposed.

The bike seat lock

While a U-shaped bike lock or Kryptonite chain attached to the frame is already very effective, unfortunately it may not always be enough. Indeed, some bikes simply have some of their components stolen and this is particularly the case for the saddle. The bicycle saddle lock is then perfectly suited to this type of problem. The bicycle saddle lock can take different forms depending on the model chosen. In particular, there is the bicycle saddle lock cable. The bicycle saddle lock cable allows you to come and wrap several elements of the bicycle so that they can be attached together and thus limit theft. The bike seat lock can also be a collar. Easy to put on and take off, it helps to increase security and prevent saddle theft.

The bicycle wheel lock

The bike wheel lock can also complement the frame lock. The bike wheel lock will therefore wrap around the wheel to join the frame or a fixed point. However, the vast majority of locks allow the frame, the wheel and the fixed point to be surrounded at the same time. The bicycle wheel lock can then be used on the other available wheel to prevent it from being stolen. The bicycle wheel lock can therefore be used in addition to a conventional lock to enhance the security of one's bicycle.

How to limit the risk of theft

When you have a bike that you have to park outside, the risk of theft is an issue that you can very quickly find yourself facing. There are some tricks you can use to limit this risk as much as possible. First of all, you should never forget about the lock with a padlock, even if it's just a quick ride, because that's often when you are not vigilant enough and you run the risk of never seeing your bike again. So choose an anti-theft device that is adapted to the type of stop you are making and that is robust enough to provide sufficient protection (connected anti-theft device, with an alarm, easy to attach...). You should also take care to attach your bike to a fixed and sufficiently robust point and you should choose a busy, busy place rather than a quiet, out of sight place. If possible, you should store your bike indoors to avoid attracting attention and increasing the risk of theft.

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