Bike straps

Bike straps

To facilitate the transport of your bike or the transport of objects on board your bike, the strap and the bike cover are very practical accessories. We have a selection of products that will make it easy for you to strap your belongings onto your luggage rack! 

Bike carrier straps: on the road!

Have you decided to get some fresh air and plan to take advantage of this outing to go for a bike ride? By car! Take your bike with you easily by installing a bike carrier to your vehicle. Thanks to our bike carrier strap, you can securely attach it to your vehicle.

In fact, any car journey during which you want to transport one or more bicycles requires you to ensure that both wheels are securely fastened so as not to lose them on the road and at the same time put other motorists at risk. A good quality bike carrier, but also and above all a suitable bike carrier strap to reinforce the whole thing, is therefore essential. If you are looking for a bike rack strap, you can therefore find the model you want in our bike strap and cover section.

A bike strap as a carrying solution

In our category will also find what is called a bicycle strap. This is a strap that will be attached directly to the bike at the luggage rack and will allow you to attach an object or clothing very easily. The bike strap is a simple and effective accessory, perfect for those who only carry things occasionally and don't want to invest in a carrier bag or basket for example.

You can choose the Restrap bike strap which is a handmade elastic strap to ensure that your strapped stuff stays in place perfectly. Whether you are carrying a bag or a jacket for example, you will be able to easily strap your stuff and continue your journey without difficulty.

Protect your bike with a cover

Also in our section, you can find what is called a bike cover.The bike cover has primarily a protective role for a two-wheeler. It allows for example to protect from rain and frost the frames which would not be used in autumn and winter and which would be stored outside.

The bike cover can also be used during transport by vehicle to protect it throughout the journey. The bicycle strap and cover will then be all right.

It is also a solution that can keep your bike dry or protect it from UV rays, particularly to avoid discolouration of the saddle or paintwork.

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