Bike lights are essential (and mandatory!) for ensuring your visibility and safety. All our lights are ideal for cycling around town: let it shine!

Bike lighting is certainly the best way to be seen. So you have the opportunity to equip yourself and your bike with lighting in order to meet the regulations in force, but also to be even more visible on the road so that you can ride safely.

Why is bicycle lighting necessary?

Bicycle lighting is a necessary piece of equipment, as it is a compulsory device to be able to travel by bicycle. Indeed, at night or during the day when visibility is insufficient, every bicycle must be equipped with a position light emitting a yellow or white non-dazzling light towards the front and a rear position light which must be clearly visible from the rear when the bicycle is in use. The installation of a bicycle light is therefore mandatory if your bike does not have one.


More than that, bicycle lighting actually allows you to be seen on the road which helps to limit the risk of accidents with both pedestrians and vehicles. Where reflective devices will need a light source to become visible, bike lights are self-sufficient which is why it is particularly worthwhile to opt for this type of device.

Front bike lights

To see and be seen, a front light is what you should choose. This type of lighting should be white or yellow in colour and will most often be attached to the handlebars of the bike. We suggest you discover several front lighting accessories for example the Bookman Front Block Light which has 4 different lighting modes and can be recharged via USB cable. In black colour, this product is ideal for bike rides in the city while having suitable lights.

We also offer the powerful Curve front light also by Bookman with a power of up to 220 lumens. This model will have a battery life of up to 70h and is fully waterproof.

The Beryl laser bike projector will be particularly powerful as it can project both a white beam of light to see and the pattern of a bike on the ground a few metres before the green handlebars to be seen.

Rear bike lights

The rear bike lights will make it easy to be spotted even in the dark by pedestrians and vehicles. These models typically clip under the seat of the bike and have a red light.

The Mob Your Eyes rear light from Knog for example is also a light that can be charged via USB. Its light intensity ensures that you can be seen from over 1000 metres away. It has a battery life of up to 76 hours. You can also opt for the affordable Bookman Block rear light or the Beryl Burner Brake smart rear brake light bike light which adjusts its light intensity according to slowing down and braking.

Complete the package with a lighting kit

To be seen even more on the road, there are also lighting kits to clip onto your bag, collar or even your socks for example. These types of parts allow you to add lighting in addition to the front and back lighting to be all the more visible.

Discover our specialist brands in bicycle lighting: Stay safe with Knog lighting, Bookman lighting, Cosmo Connected lighting or Bern lighting and Lezyne lighting.

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