Clothing for urban cyclists that is both stylish and high-tech? No, you're not dreaming! Check out our rain gear, capes, ponchos, hi-vis vests, overskirts, parkas, and gloves. Cycling clothing is an absolute must for urban cyclists who want to stay warm and protected from the rain!

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Bicycle clothing is often essential for an urban cyclist who wants to stay warm and protected from the rain throughout his ride, but also visible. We therefore propose you to discover different pieces through a large choice for man and woman. These will address the issues you face and you can wear them without giving up moving in style.

The secret to a dry bike ride no matter what the weather? Rain-appropriate bike clothing of course! Practical and easy to wear on a daily basis, it will accompany you on rainy days to help you avoid arriving at work soaked. The proposed pieces will be easy to put on and take off over any type of outfit while allowing you to move around with style and originality. Cape, poncho, shoe covers, parka or even trousers, rainwear dedicated to cycling takes all forms!

When it comes to bike safety, the right reflective bike clothing will be the best way to stay visible. Our range of high visibility clothing can be worn over your outfit to make you that much more visible once you're on the road. They can also give you extra comfort by opting for a reflective windbreaker jacket, for example, or a reflective reversible down jacket that will also help protect you from the cold.

Those who like to wear skirts and ride a bike know how incompatible the two can sometimes be. However, it is perfectly possible to consider cycling in a skirt again with a suitable cycling garment: the overskirt. It allows you to ride without fear of your skirt blowing up in the wind and can even be fleece-lined and waterproof for the most challenging weather.

Our selection allows you to choose the right bike clothing for your needs, but we also have accessories that will allow you to gain comfort during your rides such as gloves, mittens or even sleeves depending on your expectations and preference. Mid-season gloves are ideal for windy and rainy days. Gloves are essential for winter cycling trips to protect your hands from the cold, wet and wind thanks to a thermal and breathable fabric.

Pants pegs, neckband and hat, waterproof helmet cover, many accessories can complete your outfit. Always with the idea of allowing you to enjoy a pleasant and safe ride, you can opt for protections against the cold or even the rain, but also accessories that will make you all the more visible. These small accessories can make all the difference in your daily life as an urban cyclist!

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