Spoke reflectors

Spoke reflectors

Light up your bicycle wheels! These easy-to-install reflectors transform your wheels into beautiful luminous spirals. A practical accessory to keep you safe and put a smile on your face!

What is a bicycle wheel reflector


The bike wheel reflector is a small accessory that will come to hang on the spoke of the wheel of one's bike and will reflect the light when it is illuminated by car headlights for example. Simple to install, the bike wheel reflector also gives a nice visual effect when several are attached to the same wheel and the wheel is turning. It can be found in different colours to create the desired result!


The bike wheel reflector is also a product that will last over time as it will be perfectly resistant to heat, rain or even snow. Over time, it will therefore not lose its effectiveness and will continue to reflect light.

The bicycle wheel reflector is therefore a very effective accessory that can complement the mandatory reflectors and position lights for riding a bicycle at night. We can't repeat it enough: it is very important to be visible when cycling. Thus, adding this type of accessory to the compulsory devices will be a real asset in order to be seen even more easily during night rides.

How to become more visible on the road?

More than reflectors to place on the spokes of a bicycle wheel, there are other accessories to use to become more visible on the road.

For example, there are stickers that can be applied to a bike helmet or even the frame and will also be reflective. There are also reflective laces, reflective armbands or even reflective sprays to make your bag, shoes or even your whole bike more visible.

Reflective clothing can also be worn to be that much more visible on the road. There is the high visibility waistcoat of course, which is a must-have garment and is mandatory when you want to drive at night or when visibility is insufficient outside built-up areas. There are also garments with reflective elements, but which will also protect you from the wind, cold or rain. This type of clothing will then do double duty and will therefore be very practical to use for bikers.

As far as lighting is concerned, there are front and rear lights such as position lights which are compulsory devices, but there are also lighting accessories to be attached to one's bike, helmet, bag or even clothing to complete the basic lighting system and be even more visible.

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