Bike panniers

Bike panniers

Explore our vast range of panniers to carry your belongings on your bike's pannier rack: traditional panniers, pannier tote bags, pannier rucksacks... your perfect match awaits ;)

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The bike bags will fit on your carrier and are perfect for carrying your personal belongings, business stuff, groceries, rain gear or anything else. Practical, they will follow you throughout your journeys and will be easy to hang and unhook for even more practicality!

Why choose bike bags?

Bike panniers are accessories that are well known to bike riders. The regular use of the bicycle as a mode of transport indeed often implies finding concrete solutions to be able to carry all one's stuff without being encumbered. The bike bags are the answer to this problem, which makes them ideal for bike travel.

Versatile, they can be attached to the luggage rack, but can also for the most part be worn as a backpack, a tote bag or even a shoulder bag. Most of the time the material used allows you to enjoy a waterproof bike bag which is ideal for using your bike bags even in rainy weather. Using the rack is also a great way to opt for a double pannier as it is quite possible to hang a pannier on each side of the bike.

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Bicycle panniers are products that therefore have a specific attachment system dedicated to bicycles. They can be found in different colours (red, black, etc.), with a different capacity in litres depending on the need or at different prices.

Add a luggage rack to your bike, it's possible!

Are you thinking of getting a waterproof bike bag or a vintage bike bag, but don't have anything to hang it on your bike? No problem, the pannier rack can be added to a bike at any time!

In fact, there are front and rear racks that can be attached to a bike so that you can hang your vintage bike bag on it later. This is also the case with the basket, which can also be added to the bike so you can enjoy an extra item to store your groceries for example.

A bike can therefore be completely customised to meet your expectations and thus be able to carry your personal belongings, work stuff, shopping or even rain gear easily and without being encumbered or having to carry a backpack throughout your journey. The panniers therefore allow you to really gain in comfort to move around with more ease.

What's more, adjustments can be made to your mount in order to gain security. For example, you can attach lighting to your bike, or beam reflectors to make you more visible on the road. This will give you the opportunity to pedal safely and unhindered!

Discover our brands specialised in bike bags: Our brands offer different bike bags such as Linus BikeWeathergoods Sweden bags, Ortlieb waterproof bags, Goodordering saddle bags, MeroMero bags, Monroe bags, Cobags bags, but also Faguo bags, the GoFluo double bag or the Maroquinor bag for a more vintage accessory Musettes et compagnies also offers a bag, there is the Badawin bag and if you have a dog then the KLICKfix bag is perfect. 

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