When cycling in the city, smartphone mounts are often used to use your GPS, track your performance, listen to music or simply to keep an eye on your phone when needed. Opting for a smartphone holder will often make your life easier!

Why use bike smartphone mounts?

Bike smartphone mounts are smartphone mounts that attach to the bike's handlebars and allow you to hang your smartphone on them. The latter is therefore visible and easily accessible from the bike's handlebars. Indeed, while it is advisable to stay focused on the road, the smartphone can have several uses when you are riding your bike. It is above all the use of the GPS that will be most appreciated, for example, to get to an appointment whose address you do not know, to avoid a construction zone or to change your route in order to get to your workplace.


The GPS will allow you to get around the city with greater ease and even more so if you don't know the area well. The bike mounts will also allow you to easily keep track of your performance, such as how long it took to complete a trip using the stopwatch, or how many miles you've ridden in a week, for example. You can also take advantage of your stops to change your music by easily accessing your phone. What's more, you can keep an eye on who might be trying to reach you during your journey by choosing whether or not to stop and take a call. Bike phone mounts make it easy to use a smartphone when you're on the move. Whatever your need, a smartphone holder will very easily find its use with an urban cyclist as well as a bike rider.

Discover our models!

We would like to introduce you to several models of bicycle smartphone holders. For example, there is the Finn Universal Bike Smartphone Mount which is a very practical bike mount for smartphones. Made in Austria, this smartphone holder holds the smartphone during city journeys thanks to a silicone clip in matt black or transparent colour. Once the ride is over, the holder can be slipped into any pocket to reduce the risk of theft when parking your bike. It is adjustable, allows easy access to its touch screen and is available at a very affordable price. What's more, the brand offers you an offline map of your city with the purchase of one of its products.

There's also the smartphone bike mount from Shapeheart. This time, it's a stand and a pouch to slide the smartphone into, both of which are magnetised. This means that the smartphone can be easily attached and removed between journeys without leaving the handlebars during the ride. The magnetic attachment system can hold up to 50 times the weight of a smartphone and has been tested on cross-country bikes, so it can withstand all types of roads! The waterproof smartphone cover is compatible with various brand models such as iPhone, Samsung Galaxy and many others.

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