Cycling gear

Cycling gear

This category includes all the essential (and mandatory!) equipment for bike commuters. From helmets to lights and rear-view mirrors, we have everything you need to keep on pedalling!

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When you travel by bicycle, certain equipment will be essential, as it is mandatory. Indeed, there is a whole list of devices that must be used when travelling by bike, without which it will be an offence that can lead to a fine. We therefore suggest that you find out about each compulsory piece of cycling equipment that you may need.


The helmet

The helmet is compulsory cycling equipment only for children. Indeed, the latter must wear a "CE" approved helmet and fastened during any bicycle ride. The adult accompanying a child on a bicycle must therefore ensure that the child has a suitable helmet and uses it properly.

The Bern bicycle helmets will be perfect models for younger children that will be available in several sizes as well as in several colours.

The high visibility vest

The high visibility vest which is also sometimes called a yellow waistcoat is also compulsory outside built-up areas at night or when visibility is insufficient. This type of compulsory cycling equipment must also be "CE" approved. More generally, wearing reflective clothing when cycling in the city is much safer.

There are a multitude of different products for example our La Pop fluorescent jacket from Urban Circus or our Gofluo reversible reflective down jacket. This type of clothing can also be used as rain protection or to protect you from the cold on your bike ride. A garment with reflective elements will therefore be quite suitable for cycling to be more easily visible.


Another mandatory piece of cycling equipment that needs attention is the lighting. Lighting allows you to see, but also to be seen. Certain devices must therefore absolutely be present on a bicycle such as:

  • One or more rear reflectors

  • Orange reflectors visible from the side

  • White reflectors visible from the front

  • Orange coloured reflectors on the pedals

At night, but also during the day when visibility is insufficient an amber or white position lamp emitting a forward light and a rear position lamp must also be lit. The presence of these lamps is an obligation.

This type of compulsory cycling equipment can also be supplemented by accessories such as a light to be attached to oneself or to one's bag, but also beam reflectors or the use of reflective spray for example.

The doorbell

Finally, it is also essential to have a buzzer that can be heard at least 50 metres away. The use of any other type of sound signal is prohibited. The bell thus makes it possible to signify your presence particularly to pedestrians who might not have seen the bike coming.

We offer different models of Crane Bells, such as the Suzu bell, which is available in several colours such as matt black, matt silver, shiny copper or shiny gold. You can also choose the E-NE doorbell with its original style.

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