Reflective accessories

Reflective accessories

Want to stay visible while cycling at night? Cover yourself in reflective stickers! Resistant to water and UV rays, they can stick to any smooth surface. 

Why use reflective bicycle accessories?

When cycling at night or even in bad weather, motorists may have more difficulty perceiving cyclists. Yet if there are any drivers on the road who deserve to be seen, it is cyclists. Vulnerable, they are less easy to see than other two-wheelers and it is for this reason that the law requires them to wear a high-visibility waistcoat outside built-up areas, but also to equip their bikes with reflectors and position lights. These devices are effective in increasing cyclists' visibility, but every cyclist knows that it is better to be extra vigilant. It is then possible to opt for additional lighting, fluorescent and/or reflective clothing, but also reflective bike accessories.

What reflective bike accessories should you choose?

When it comes to reflective bike accessories, there are many options! For example, there are reflective stickers that will make you more visible as soon as it gets dark.

In particular, we suggest you discover the Rainette reflective stickers with fun and amusing designs for children to stick on their helmets in particular. There are also Thousand reflective stickers which also offer fun designs that you'll love to stick on your helmet to personalise it. Bookman also offers reflective stickers to put on the frame of the bike with stains or bone patterns to give style to your frame and make it more visible.

Our reflective bike accessories also include the reflective yellow I'M ON A BIKE armband. Worn on the arm or ankle, it also helps you become more visible. You can also choose to use the reflective patches Rainette to wear on the pair of trainers you are most used to wearing when cycling.

Finally, you also have the option of choosing the drivecase reflective spray. You can use it on your bike, helmet, shoes or even your backpack. Invisible during the day, it becomes reflective at night and is water resistant. With just one application, objects to which the product has been applied remain clearly visible at night for between 6 and 12 months. If you want your everyday items to become bike-friendly, this spray will be the perfect way to do it.

Adding reflective solutions to the spokes of your bike wheel can also help you be more visible in the city.

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