Bicycle pumps

Bicycle pumps

A bicycle pump is an essential tool for any self-respecting cyclist. It allows you to ensure that your tyre pressure is correct for the use you are making of it and thus to ensure your comfort and safety during your journeys.

Which bike pump to choose?

The bike pump can take different forms as they come in different sizes and with different mechanisms. First of all, there is the foot bike pump. The foot bike pump is most certainly the most comfortable model to use. It is connected to the wheel of the bicycle by a dedicated tube and it is by activating it with the foot that you can inflate the tyre. There is also the hand bike pump. The hand bike pump comes in several formats. There is the bicycle foot pump which is operated by hand. The bicycle foot pump is a pump installed on a stand that is manually operated to be able to inflate the tyre. There are also mini pumps that are more portable and can also be operated by hand. These small pumps are less comfortable to use, but they can be easily carried everywhere, unlike the others. So depending on how you use your bike pump and your bike, you can choose a bike pump that fits your expectations.

How to properly inflate your bike tyres.

While rumour has it that a bicycle tyre inflates as hard as possible, this is not the case! In fact, a bike tyre inflates according to its type, the weight of the cyclist (we are talking about a pressure of about 10% of the weight), the type of road or even the weather. It is therefore advisable to go to a shop for advice or to do your research online according to your habits in order to make your calculations. This will allow you to inflate your tyres properly and thus benefit from tyres that are neither over nor under inflated.

What tools to maintain your bike?

More than just a bike pump, there are other tools that will help maintain your bike. A bike repair kit for example can be very useful. It will contain tools to make adjustments to all types of bikes, but also a puncture kit which can be especially useful when you use your bike a lot. The Kikkerland cyclist's repair kit, for example, is perfect for just this purpose. For DIY enthusiasts, you can choose the Topeak Cyclist's Multi-Tool with its various spanners and other tools that will allow you to maintain your bike easily and properly. With proper maintenance, the life of your bike will only be extended.

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