Rear-view bike mirrors

Rear-view bike mirrors

Rear-view bike mirrors are a great ally for cyclists who want to be able to ride in the city more safely. They make it much easier to see what's going on behind you and to take a turn with less risk.

Why use bike mirrors?

As any bike rider has experienced, in the city it's a bit every man for himself. Bikes are particularly vulnerable, so fitting your bike with bike mirrors will allow you to look over your shoulder without having to turn your head. This way you don't make any movements that could throw you off balance and greatly widen your field of vision. The road bike mirror will undoubtedly become an essential accessory for your bike trips with repeated use!

Which road bike mirror to choose?

The great thing about bike mirrors is that there are several sizes. Firstly, there is the size of the mirror which can be larger or smaller depending on your preference. A large mirror will give you even more visibility of what's going on behind you, but a small one will be more discreet and less cumbersome. Some brands offer both possibilities with for example Busch & Müller's Cycle Star mirror which is available in 60mm or 80mm versions.

There are also stemmed models such as KF1 Krampe Adjustable Mirror or models that clip directly to the handlebars such as Zéfal Spy Universal Mirror. We also offer a folding mirror such as the Spy Space left mirror from M-Wave. In short, there are a multitude of possibilities to meet the expectations of all bikers who want to ride more safely! An adjustable rear view mirror is therefore one of the essential pieces to have in addition to a helmet in order to ride safely.

What other bike accessories should you use?

Various other accessories can be added to one's bike handlebars such as a bell that will allow everyone to signal their presence. Incidentally, it is a legal requirement for every cyclist to have a horn. On the handlebars, one will also be able to find a meter in order to measure the distance, speed and others. The smartphone holder is also a very practical accessory that you can attach to the handlebars of your bike so that you can hang your smartphone on it to follow a journey with your GPS for example.

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