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Saddle covers

If your bike has a nice leather saddle or you simply don't want to end up with a wet saddle, protect it with a bike saddle cover! Waterproof, the bike saddle cover is also an opportunity to give your bike a fancier look on rainy days!

What is a bicycle seat cover


A bicycle seat cover is a seat protection accessory that is dedicated to be used directly on the saddle of your mount. Made of waterproof fabric and usually with an elastic band, it is positioned on the saddle for rainy rides to avoid damaging your saddle and getting your buttocks wet. Lightweight and practical, the bike saddle cover can be installed and removed very quickly. It takes up very little space, so it can be stored in a handlebar pocket for example. These bike seat covers are for both women and men and are useful in the city as well as in the country.

At JE SUIS À VÉLO, we suggest that you discover the bicycle saddle cover model offered by Urban Proof. Waterproof, compact and strong, this bike saddle cover protects your saddle while giving you the possibility to choose from several fun designs. Bananas, lightning bolts, leaves, clouds, watermelons, all set against a green, blue or pink background, there's plenty of fun to be had and colour on your bike for those rainy days!

What other accessories are thought for rainy days?

The saddle cover is not the only accessory you can use to protect yourself on rainy days. There is for example the waterproof basket cover as well. This will fit directly over your basket to protect what's in it throughout the ride. It's also light and compact, so you can take it everywhere and always be prepared!

Also on the protective cover side, consider the helmet cover! The most comfortable helmets actually have vents in the skull to avoid sweating too much during the ride and are therefore more breathable. However, when it rains, these vents can quickly let the drops through. The helmet cover will therefore provide protection in rainy weather. It will be in the form of a cover that is installed directly on the helmet.

Finally, it is also rainwear that we will be pleasing on bad weather days. Jacket, parka, poncho, overskirt, gloves, shoe protector, overpants, all rainwear that you can choose to be waterproof to stay dry throughout your journeys. There are even lined versions that will not only protect you from the rain, but also from the cold. In addition, some garments also have reflective and/or fluorescent parts. These are used to increase visibility on the road. A rain jacket can therefore have several uses, and when the weather is fine, can be stored in a luggage bag for example.

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