All of our cycling rucksacks are stylish and high-tech: ideal for urban cyclists! From traditional rucksacks to pannier rucksacks, all of our products are designed to fit seamlessly into your everyday life, on and off your bike.

For your cycling trips, a bicycle backpack is quite often the most suitable choice, as it will allow you to remain free to move around while still having the ability to carry your stuff. You can also opt for a vintage bike backpack to hang on the carrier of your bike for even more convenience!

Opt for the bike backpack for all circumstances!

The bike backpack is undoubtedly one of the accessories most indispensable for bike riders. Easy to carry, it allows you to pedal while remaining free to move around and having easy access to your belongings. If you are used to making frequent stops, the bike backpack will be a particularly suitable accessory as it will never leave your side.

A vintage bicycle backpack can be a very good choice for example in order to choose an original model that will not be available everywhere. But there are many other products at all prices to meet the expectations of those who are looking for a bicycle backpack in leather, with a computer compartment, one pocket or several, large or small size, etc. The Nimrod backpack, the black Roll Top backpack, the Desert blue backpack and many others are popular models.


A small bicycle backpack can be chosen, for example, if you only want to carry your smartphone, keys, wallet and a few other personal items. The small bicycle backpack is practical, light and easy to carry. There are also models with a larger capacity that will allow you to carry your work stuff or your shopping for example. The choice of this type of product will thus be made according to your needs.

A bicycle backpack that converts to a carrier bag

The bike backpack can also be convertible into a carrier bag. In fact, there are models that can be worn on the back as well as hooked to the luggage rack of your bike. A strap or clip system is usually used to easily attach and detach the bag as required. This type of carrier bag will therefore be particularly suited to the needs of cyclists. Just like a classic bike backpack, there are different styles, colours and prices.

Other alternatives to the bike backpack and the carrier bag include the bike handlebar bag. It can take the form of a small pouch in which to store the things you are most likely to need such as your wallet or smartphone. This type of bag can even have an opening to run your headphone wire through and is attached directly to the handlebars making it easily accessible.

For those who wear suits or pick up their clothes from the dry cleaners, there are also suit bags that can be rolled up and attached to the handlebars of your bike. Thanks to a waterproof material, the clothes are thus protected and can be transported by bike.

Discover our brands specialised in backpacks: The Chrome brand offers a variety of backpacks, there are also Rains backpacks, Apidura backpacks, MeroMero backpacks, OLD backpacks, Faguo backpacks for recycled products, Goodordering backpacks or Cosmo Connected backpacks to always be connected 

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