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The long New York LS U-lock offers the perfect balance between versatility and security. Its large shackle (29 cm long!) allows you to lock up your frame and secure your front wheel and/or accessories. Like other Kryptonite locks, it is backed by Kryptonite's insurance, which will reimburse you for the original price of your bike if it is stolen (level 8/10, up to €2700). The epitome of reliability, this lock offers peace of mind in all circumstances, including lengthy nighttime stops in urban areas. Kryptonite's lifetime guarantee will even provide you with replacement keys if you lose yours (see the "Key Safe Programme" below). It comes complete with a frame mount and 3 keys.

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Large, sturdy, and proven U-shaped padlock reliably secures your bike in all circumstances!

In detail

    • Security level 8/10

    • Key lock (3 keys provided)

Frame attachment system provided

    • Kryptonite lifetime warranty

    • Kryptonite insurance (refund of your bike up to 2700? offered the first year, see "ATPO" below)

    • U evolution anti-theft tube diameter: 14mm

    • Anti-theft size: 10.2cm x 29.2cm

    • Weight: 1.75kg

    • Dust cover at the locking system

    • Vinyl lock cover to protect your bike from scratches and impacts

Video presentation of the evolution U lock

The Kryptonite Guarantees :

Key Safe Program:

Lost your lock keys?Lost your lock keys? Register your Kryptonite lock on the brand's website (click here!) with its serial number to receive a new pair of keys for free.

Anti-Theft Protection Offer (ATPO):

Created in 1978 and now open to European countries, this program allows, in case of forceful breakage of your Kryptonite lock, the reimbursement of the original price of your bike, according to the following ceilings;

400€ for a level 5/10 lock

1500€ for a level 6/10

2250€ for a level 7/10

2700€ for a level 8/10

3500€ for a level 9/10

4500€ for a 10/10 level.

To be able to benefit from this feature, you just need to register your lock within 30 days of purchase on the Kryptonite website (click here!). We highly recommend you do so. The first year is free of charge for level 7-8-9 and 10/10 locks. The program can be extended up to 5 years, for 25€.

Brand History

Kryptonite is an American brand. They are credited with the invention of the U-lock system! It was tested for the first time in 1972 in New York: for this, the brand attached a bicycle to a signpost in Greewnwich Village. If the removable parts were quickly dismantled by the thieves, the body of the bike remained intact for 30 days and 30 nights. This experience made Kryptonite known and launched the brand, which is now well known in the security field. The brand also offers an insurance system included in its locks as well as a "Key Safe" program: this program allows cyclists who own Kryptonite anti-theft devices to register their keys online and benefit from a lifetime warranty.This program allows cyclists who own Kryptonite locks to register their keys online and, in case of loss, to benefit from a free replacement of their first two keys.

  • Colors - Black,Red,Brown
  • Weight - 1,75 kg
Gabrielle 2023-03-23

Bonjour, est-ce que vos cadenas Kryptonite sont tous certifiés ART2? Je ne vois pas l'information sur votre site internet. Bien à vous, Gabrielle


Bonjour Gabrielle,

Le cadenas Evolution LS est certifié ART 3* ! ?

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