Bicycle parts

Bicycle parts

Bicycle parts allow you to change parts of your bike that are too damaged or to gain comfort during your trips. Add a kickstand to your bike or treat yourself to a comfortable saddle for your bike trips!

Why change parts on your bike?

Over time and with a lot of use, the saddle or even handles of your bike may wear out. They then become less comfortable to use. Instead of changing your whole bike, you can buy bike parts that you can adapt to your bike. This is an opportunity to gain in comfort and to give your bike a new look! What's more, bike parts allow you to ride more serenely, sure of the reliability of your new parts. When it comes to brakes, wheels, tyres, derailleurs, frame or other very specific accessories, maintenance should rather be entrusted to a pro.

Replace your bike's saddle!

Replacing your bike's saddle gives you the opportunity to give it a unique and original style. The opportunity to stand out with a bike personalised to your style, but also adapted to your comfort level. In fact, if your original saddle is not very comfortable, why not treat yourself to a new saddle to make your rides more enjoyable? At JE SUIS À VÉLO, we have a selection of beautiful models with ergonomics designed for comfort of use, but also leather saddle models with a touch of vintage look for the most singular and chic bikes! Saddles are bicycle parts that can therefore change everything in the use you will make of your bicycle.

Add a kickstand

To prevent falling and keep your ride upright when you're not on it, the crut are the bike parts you need. Single or double version, the kickstand can be added to all sorts of models to make them easier to use on a daily basis. You'll only need a few tools to add your stand to your bike and you won't have to worry about how to hold it upright when your hands are caught before you ride it! Again, you have the ability to customize your bike with bike parts according to your daily use for added convenience.

Discover our brands specialized in bicycle parts: Brooks offers bike parts, there are also parts at Selle Royal or Musguard

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