Bicycle kickstands

Gain stability and free your hands when you are not on your bike with the bike stand! If your bike doesn't have one, you can easily add one and customize your bike as needed.

Why add a bike stand?

Whether you have a quick errand to run at the grocery shop or want to park your bike in an upright position without it leaning against a rack, the bike stand will help keep it in position. This little extra "leg" added to the bike will in effect prevent it from falling to the ground and thus avoid damaging it at the same time. While some models are equipped with a bicycle stand at the time of purchase, not all are. However, this does not mean that you cannot add a stand to your bike, quite the contrary!

So if you've found yourself annoyed a few times with having to hold your bike back so it doesn't fall over, it might be time to invest in a bike stand.

How to choose a bicycle stand.

The bicycle stand is chosen first of all according to the size of the bicycle. In particular, there are adjustable systems such as our Ursus Kaiser 26/29" stand with its side mechanism. Choosing the right size stand will ensure that it holds the bike correctly. Next, you will also need to check the type of mounting system your bike has to ensure that the stand you choose is compatible and also that you have all the necessary equipment for its installation.

Finally, the choice of the desired stand will depend above all on its use. For example, there is the question of how much load the stand will have to bear if you use a child seat or even a carrier bag. The ultra-strong stand of our Ursus King Evo 24/28" rear stand, for example, also adapts to all types of soil, making it a great asset for both city and country cyclists. You can also choose a so-called double stand to keep your bike perfectly straight. Feel free to take a look at our Big Foot double stand from Ursus too.

Bike stands are therefore accessories or spare parts that can take various forms.

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