Do you want your bike to look like you and fit the way you use it? Find the right bike accessory for you! Bells, mirrors, speedometers, smartphone holders, you'll be spoilt for choice when it comes to choosing the right bike accessory for you!

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Safety equipment

On a bike, safety is no joke. As bike riders know, you can be particularly vulnerable on a bike which is why a dedicated safety bike accessory can be especially useful.

The rear view mirror for example is a bike accessory that will be very easy to install and will allow you to see behind you without even having to turn your head. We offer several types of models with larger or smaller mirrors depending on your preference and we even have models that can be folded down. So don't hesitate to equip your bike with them to gain visibility..

Also with regard to your cycling safety, don't forget to fit your bike with a bell if it doesn't have one. The law requires all cyclists to have a horn that can be heard at 50 metres. You'll find some very nice models among our selection including the E-NE bell or Suzu from Crane Bell.

Practical accessories for everyday use

Your bike accessory can also have the role of making everyday life easier in addition to the pannier, anti-theft device, helmet, rain gear or saddle protector. This is the case with the smartphone holder, which will allow you to follow a route with greater ease. You can opt for the Shapeheart bike smartphone mount or the Finn universal bike phone mount.

If you want to measure your speed, distance travelled or even the duration of your journey, you can also equip your bike with a computer. We also have several models for you to discover.

Finally, you can also choose the poupoupidou skirt clip to prevent your skirt from flying off, the Fahrer recycled truck canvas trouser clip, but also the Hornit Clug bike rack to easily store your bike.

Learn more about the bike

Finally, you can also find out more about cycling with the Everyday Cycling Guide or the Cyclist Code. We also offer you guides and the Carnet du voyageur à vélo to be able to organise your tourist outings and also enjoy cycling at the weekend and during the holidays.

Discover our brands specialising in bicycle accessories: Crane Bell accessories, Rainette stickers, Finn or Shapeheart clips, Zéfal accessories, Topeak accessories or Walley Leather accessories. 

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