Bike computers and GPS

Bike computers and GPS

When cycling, certain accessories can be very useful and make a difference in making cycling more intuitive. This is particularly true of the bike computer and the GPS, which are both very practical in many situations. It is therefore quite natural that JE SUIS À VÉLO offers a selection of this type of product. 

Distinguish between a classic bike computer and a GPS bike computer

There are two kinds of accessories that can be used as a measuring tool and also to obtain reliable indications when cycling: the classic bike computer and the GPS bike computer.

The GPS bike computer is a little more sophisticated. The GPS bike computer has many more features than the classic model as it integrates GPS functionality. It also allows the use of a heart rate sensor, a power sensor, cadence measurement and has a dynamic map with GPS guidance. This accessory is of course compatible with a smartphone to collect the various data that have been recorded. It is therefore a very complete tool that is appreciated by touring cyclists, but also by cyclists who want to measure their performance and be guided in town.

Discover our products!

Our selection includes a GPS bike computer which is the GPS Rider 750 from Bryton. With its 2.8-inch touchscreen display that attaches to the handlebars with a dedicated clip, it allows for WiFi or Bluetooth connection, has a battery life of 20 hours, an auto-play system to pause the measurement when the rider is stationary, access in more than 100 languages, 85 functions and the ability to receive call, SMS and email notifications. Obviously, this GPS bike computer will be highly appreciated by the most demanding cyclists who expect accurate data during their rides.

There are also the classic and more accessible bike computers such as the BC 9.16 Sigma wired bike computer which is both compact, lightweight and easy to use. There is also the BC 5.16 version from the same brand which also offers very interesting performances for a mini price or the wireless large screen bike computer Pure 1 ATS also proposed by Sigma. To make your choice, you can therefore compare the different models to find the one that best suits your needs and your budget.

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