Kryptonite is the Rolls Royce of bicycle locks. The brand's products are known worldwide for their efficiency and robustness. We therefore had to offer these references in our shop. This way, everyone can park their bike safely without worrying about it disappearing while running an errand, for example. What's more, Kryptonite products offer several levels of security to meet everyone's needs!

The history of the brand

Kryptonite is a brand that was created more than 40 years ago. It is precisely in 1971 and only 1500$ that the first U-lock could be invented to improve the security of Michael Zane's bike, its inventor. He then travelled all over the United States to promote his product. Over the years, the product has evolved to offer ever more innovative and adapted solutions to bike owners. 

The company is also easily recognisable thanks to the colour code it has put in place so that each customer can easily identify the level of security of its product. Since then, grey locks offer a moderate level of security, orange locks a high level of security and yellow locks the highest level of security of the brand.

Our product selection

At JE SUIS À VÉLO, we have chosen to offer several Kryptonite products so that each cyclist can find the one that suits him or her. There is for example the Series 2 Mini 7 anti-theft device which is a small model with a moderate level of security. Perfect for short stops and for those who don't want to take up too much space, it is easily attached to the frame of the bike and is even available in three colours.

For a high level of security (orange colour), there is the combined Evolution Mini 7 U-lock with flex cable and the Evolution LS U-lock from Kryptonite. These two models in two different sizes will meet high security needs.

If you prefer the chain version of your lock, you can also choose the Kryptonite Keeper 785. In the city for short breaks and in the provinces for longer breaks, it allows you to easily attach your bike to a large number of street furniture elements. The chain is also covered in nylon to avoid damaging the bike.

Finally, for very high security needs, the New York high security U-lock from Kryptonite is the one to choose. With its 9/10 rating by the brand, it will not disappoint you!

Why does it fit with JE SUIS À VÉLO?

Faced with the scourge of bicycle theft, it seemed essential to us to offer the products of a reference brand in terms of anti-theft. Kryptonite was the obvious choice and we have decided to add several products from this brand to our catalogue for more choice.

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