Do you want to start cycling, but don't know where to start? Do you want to know your obligations, but also your rights as an urban cyclist to get around safely? Check out our cycling books to learn everything you need to know!

Our cycling books

When cycling in the city, it is not always easy to obtain certain reliable information online, such as what your rights are as a cyclist in the city, but also what your obligations are, what compulsory equipment to use, what the constraints and benefits of cycling are... So many subjects that can be dealt with through books on cycling. If you want to prepare yourself properly to get on your bike to make your journeys between your home and your workplace we suggest you discover several books on cycling.

First of all, there is "Le code du cycliste" by Ludovic Duprey published by Dalloz, which is precisely specialised in access to legal documentation for legal professionals. The Cyclist's Code is not a code in the official sense of the term like the Highway Code for example, but it is a very interesting book on cycling to learn certain things. For this edition, the author has researched the subject so that every cyclist can know his or her rights and assert them. Several topics are covered in this book on cycling, such as the obligations of the cyclist, equipment, prohibitions and special signs, the cyclist's penal code, the right to respect, etc. Opting for this type of cycling book is the best way to know what you have the right and duty to do or not to do on the road!

Among our books on cycling, there is also "Vélotaf: mode d'emploi du vélo au quotidien" which was written by Jérôme Sorrel and illustrated by Eve Coston. Published by Alternatives, this cycling book is a real guide dedicated to all those who wish to opt for the velotaf in Paris or elsewhere. It is with humour that Jérôme Sorrel, himself a velotafeur of course, shares his journey and his experience of the subject by addressing themes such as the choice of bike, equipment, dangers to avoid, constraints and benefits, good practices, the Highway Code, etc.

A great gift idea!

A bike book is a great idea for an affordable gift for a beginner bike rider or a loved one who is considering taking up bike riding. It's a great way to help them get started, and they'll get a lot of information they'll definitely need. As well as a cycling book, why not add a gift card I'M BIKING? This way, whoever this gift is for will have everything they need to learn about and then buy the equipment they need!

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