Our clothing range is designed to keep you pedalling, whatever the weather. We believe that women's cycling gear should be breathable, lightweight, practical and beautiful!

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Stay dry throughout the ride

Why not combine women's cycling clothing with rain gear? After all, there is no shortage of rainy days throughout the year and each season brings its share of downpours. That's why getting your hands on a women's cycling and rain gear before heading out in the morning can be a good way to stay dry. The rain cape and poncho can be slipped on in a flash as soon as the weather turns cloudy and you can be sure that you won't get wet. There are also compact models that fit easily into a small bag. You can find a wide choice for this type of product and at all prices.

The long, waterproof rain parka is also a formidable women's cycling garment for protection from the elements. Functional and practical with its leg zips and visor, it offers ideal protection. It can even be lined! Ideal to face winter and low temperatures. The bronte, on the other hand, will also protect from drops and wind, while opting for a super chic lightweight and breathable outfit.

Become more visible with reflective clothing

The reflective bike clothing for women is also a must-have in the dressing room of female vets. It makes you more visible on the road in order to gain safety when cycling. Thanks to the brands that are constantly innovating, this type of women's cycling clothing now takes on different forms, whether it is a windproof jacket, a down jacket, a hooded safety waistcoat, a jacket or something else: all of which always offer optimal visibility. It will complete your work outfit every morning in order to become easier to see, but also to be protected from the wind, the cold, or the rain. Of course this type of clothing can be completed by other devices to become even more visible for example lights to hang on your bike, but also on your bag, spray or even reflective stickers.

The overskirt, the essential clothing of the biker

The overskirt is also a women's cycling garment that can make all the difference when commuting to work. When cycling, one might think that wearing a skirt is out of the question, but the overskirt is a solution to the problems encountered. It can be fastened over your outfit to protect your legs from the cold, wind and rain, thus preventing the air from getting under your skirt. It can be zipped or hooked on and off very easily and quickly. This is a great way to avoid having to give up wearing a skirt or dress when you've decided to go velotaf!"

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