Distance travelled, speed, stopwatch, pedalling rate... Bike computers are precise measurement tools that are generally aimed at sports cyclists, but can also be useful for urban cyclists. Discover our models!

Bike counters, what for?

Bike computers are pieces of equipment that are usually used in cycle racing. They can be more or less sophisticated and with more or less functionality such as distance calculation, speed calculation, speed variation, a stopwatch, a thermometer, an altimeter, calculation of pedaling cadence, elevation gain, heart rate, a GPS, etc. Bike counters therefore allow for accurate data to be collected during a bike ride.

For urban cyclists who want to learn more about their journeys such as the one between home and work, opting for a meter will be a good way to obtain the desired information thanks to a precise function or sensor, but also to challenge oneself by increasing, for example, one's pedalling rate to exercise oneself on the way out of work if the configuration of the place allows it of course. Bike meters are therefore accessories to attach to your handlebars if you want to learn more about the different routes you usually take.

What accessories on a handlebar?

More than bike meters, the accessories that will find their place on the handlebars to make it easier for bike riders to get around are numerous. For example, there is the retro mirror which can help to gain visibility on the road and thus limit risks by having the ability to observe what is happening behind you. Our Spy universal mirror from Zéfal is a low cost accessory that can be placed on the handlebars, but also anywhere else on the bike to gain visibility.

The bell is also a product that will find its place on the handlebars. Mandatory, it must be able to be heard 50 metres away from your bike in order to warn other users of your presence. The Crane Bell brand offers several models with the Suzu or E-NE bell, but also several colours. You can also discover the colourful products of the brand Dring which is available in our selection.

The smartphone holder is also a valuable product for urban cyclists. Equipped with a suitable attachment system, it allows you to hang your smartphone on your handlebars very easily and without the risk of it falling off. There are several systems available, such as Finn's silicone system or Shapeheart's magnetic attachment. There are also bags that can be attached to the handlebars, for example our Tucano Urbano waterproof handlebar bag. Once rolled up, it can be hung on the handlebars to easily carry the suit. Linus Bike's Handlebar Pouch is also an accessory that will be great for easily accessing your stuff and even slipping your headphone cord into the dedicated opening.

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