The history of the brand

Gofluo is aptly named, this small start-up born in Belgium now offers fashionable and attractive high visibility clothing. The first models were created in 2016 after the founder, a young mother who trained in fashion, realised that there was no aesthetic alternative to safety waistcoats. However, safety must be at the heart of all discussions and there is no question of ignoring the safety and visibility of one's children in traffic.

It was not until 2018 that the first Gofluo collection was created after obtaining CN1150 certification, and the project has grown into a real company with a large catalogue of waistcoats for children and adults, men and women. Gofluo products are becoming more and more functional and are in great demand from all walks of life. It was then necessary to adapt to new practices such as outdoor training or cycling. Specific models for these practices have been designed to perfectly adapt to the needs of customers.

"Gosmart, Gosafe, Gofluo" is the slogan of this Belgian brand which offers bodyglowers, an efficient and stylish alternative to ordinary safety waistcoats. Today, Gofluo's catalogue includes not only waistcoats, but also numerous accessories to motivate young and old alike to stay visible.

Our product selection

For safe cycling, the Darkchamp reflective waistcoat from Gofluo is the perfect choice for cyclists. Specially designed for cycling, this high visibility waistcoat is waterproof and thanks to its bright colours it allows you to be visible day and night while remaining stylish. The Darkchamp waistcoat is made of 100% polyester and has a large side pocket for all your personal belongings and a wide collar for extra comfort.

But Gofluo is not only about great high visibility waistcoats, it's also about bags like the Sig double bag that fits on the back of the bike. This double bag is very elegant and ideal for carrying even more essentials like a computer for example! Perfect for shopping, the Gofluo double bag can even be used separately to avoid unnecessary clutter. It can be attached to any luggage rack and is easy to carry, even on foot, thanks to its reflective handles.

Why does it fit with JE SUIS À VÉLO?

Because safety is paramount at JE SUIS À VÉLO, Gofluo is the perfect brand to be seen by everyone and in style! With its range of high visibility waistcoats and reflective accessories, Gofluo is an essential to have when cycling. The cyclist will find everything he needs to reduce the risk of accidents and not to alter his outfit. It is now possible to take great care in choosing our high visibility accessories thanks to Gofluo and we love it!

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