Technical underwear

Technical underwear

Ideal in winter to face the cold! Discover our selection of technical clothing and underwear for cycling.

Why should you favour technical underwear for men?

Technical underwear for men is clothing that is specifically designed for cycling. It is very often a t-shirt with or without sleeves to be worn under other clothing. Men's technical underwear is specifically designed to allow perspiration to escape while retaining body heat. It is therefore a garment to be favoured in cold weather.

Men who fear low temperatures will therefore be able to choose technical underwear for men to complete their outfit. As this type of underwear is rather close to the body, it can be worn very easily under other clothing. Technical underwear is a thermal product that can be found in black, grey, blue and many other colours. That said, there are other types of clothing and accessories to be able to protect yourself from the cold when cycling.

Dressing to stay warm when cycling

When cycling and the temperatures are low, the cold is felt all the more, because despite the movement the wind generated by the speed of travel can very quickly impact on comfort. Technical underwear for men is therefore an interesting solution to protect yourself from the cold, but it is in fact the whole outfit that should be chosen in this sense. Multiplying the layers can for example be a good solution when working in a heated environment so that you can opt for a comfortable outfit both inside and outside.

For the bike ride, some clothing will be preferable for example waterproof trousers to protect against splashes in bad weather. There are also so-called shoe covers to protect the shoes. The helmet cover will be useful in both rainy and cold weather, as it will prevent air and rain from getting into the helmet openings.

Gloves suitable for cycling

More than clothing, it is also the choice of gloves that can make all the difference when cycling. You can opt for models that are both lined on the inside and waterproof on the outside to keep your hands warm and dry. You can also opt for what are called sleeves. Attached to the bike, they will be just to put on so you can ride while protecting your hands from the cold.

The pair of gloves can be complemented with a hat and scarf to keep the head and neck warm as well when the temperatures are low. This will make the journey much more pleasant and even in the middle of winter as the body will have less to suffer from the sensation of cold.

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