We have brought together the best men's cycling gear: breathable, lightweight, sturdy and sleek. Our comprehensive range includes everything you need to enjoy a comfortable cycle: gloves, jackets, waterproof trousers and more. 

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When commuting to and from work, men's cycling clothing is a great ally. It allows you to pedal while being protected from the weather and to remain clearly visible on the road even at night. We suggest that you discover many different styles of clothing in order to take advantage of their technical benefits while moving in style!

A garment to protect you from rain, wind and cold

Bicycling is especially enjoyable when the weather is sunny and the temperatures mild. So when the weather is not so good or the season is winter, it is recommended to opt for a suitable cycling suit for men.

The men's cycling and rain gear is a must-have that is nice to have in order to stay dry. It can come in a variety of forms to suit all expectations. If you like to be prepared for any eventuality without being cluttered,the poncho or rain cover will be an ideal rain-dedicated men's cycling garment. They will keep you protected throughout your rides and can be folded into a small pouch while waiting for the next downpour. These items allow you to enjoy a wide choice of models. Also available in colour, the cape is a protection that also has a short drying time for greater comfort of use.

The rain parka is also a garment you can wear to face the elements that will be both comfortable and practical to use. Still with the idea of staying dry, but also avoiding staining your clothes, you will have the option of wearing rain trousers, a waterproof helmet cover or even rain shoes.

Men's cycling clothing can also be a good way to stay warm and thus enjoy cycling even in winter. The gloves will be especially great for protecting your hands from the cold while being in a breathable fabric. You can also choose sleeves to slip your hands into when you grab your handlebars. The choker and cap are also accessories that will be very appreciated in cold weather.

Reflect to become more visible and pedal safely

Reflective clothing is also a men's cycling garment that will be useful for you to move around much more safely. The fluorescent jacket or vest will reflect light while being protected from wind and rain. You can also consider wearing a reversible reflective jacket over your daytime outfit to stay visible and warm. A safety waistcoat is also a great piece of reflective clothing, as it will be easy to put on, compact and light at the same time. So reflective jackets are great for being seen!


The reflective bike clothing for men chosen can also be complemented with accessories that will also aim to help you become more visible on the road. For example, these can be lights to attach to your bike, to your bag, or even reflectors for spokes.

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