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The adorably named "Poupoupidou" skirt clip was designed and invented in Nantes. Manufactured in the company's workshop, the Poupoupidou clip is here to simplify your life! Wear that skirt, get on your bike, and pedal with complete peace of mind. Its clever design is extremely easy to use. Just clip the Poupoupidou skirt clip onto your skirt and attach it to the metal seat post. Ta-da! Your skirt is transformed into shorts.

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In detail

  • Imagined, designed and manufactured in Nantes in a workshop

  • Simple and clever operation

  • Saves you from any inconvenience during your bike trips by holding your skirt in place while you travel

  • It comes in the form of a soft shell in which the skirt is held in place by a strap.It is a soft shell in which a clothespin is inserted.It comes in a soft shell with a clothes peg and two magnets to attach it to the underside of the saddle

  • All saddles have two metal rails that the magnets attach to

  • This magnetic solution allows the Poupoupidou clip to automatically detach when the situation calls for it

  • Guarantees the safety of the rider and the integrity of the garment

  • Compact Poupoupidou skirt clip so you can store it in your bag or pocket when you are no longer cycling

  • Precious production ethics of its creators (partnership with local companies including a center for disabled)

    When you're on a bike, there are several ways to stay elegant in the wind: squeeze the skirt between your legs (not foolproof), sit on the front of the skirt (not comfortable) or wear beautiful underwear! Or: use the Poupoupidou bicycle!

How to put the Poupoupidou skirt clip on?

  1. Pinch the front flap of the skirt with the clip by holding it in the palm of your hand (wooden clip towards you)

  2. Thanks to the magnets, come and fix the back part of the clamp on the metal rails of your saddle

  3. And there you go! Your skirt turns into shorts

Video presentation of the skirt clamp:

Also check out the Gaïa over-skirt from the brand CityRideuz for your slightly shorter skirts and not to be bothered anymore when cycling!

Christine 2023-02-04

Bonjour Est-il possible d’utiliser la pince avec une jupe longue, pour éviter qu’elle ne se prenne dans la chaîne ou les freins de la roue arrière ? Merci


Bonjour Christine,

Oui c'est possible :) 

Florence 2022-06-17

Peut-on se mettre en danseuse avec ce système ? Cordialement.


Bonjour, oui cela est possible. En revanche la pince est maintenue sur la selle par des aimants, c'est pourquoi, de grands mouvements amples pourraient décrocher la pince. Bonne journée :) 

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