Technical clothing

Technical clothing

Our technical clothing is designed to fit neatly under your outfit: windproof, thermal and lightweight, ensuring effective protection from the cold and absorbing perspiration. A must-have for cycling in winter or chilly weather.

Why wear a technical garment for women?

Women's technical clothing can take the form of a sleeveless, short-sleeved or long-sleeved top that can be worn while cycling. The purpose of women's technical clothing is to keep the body warm, which is why it is mostly worn in the autumn or winter. It is designed in a special way to keep the body warm, but also to wick away perspiration. The women's technical garment can therefore be worn by those who want to opt for an airy garment and at the same time be able to stay warm when cycling. More than technical clothing, there are other types of clothing that are useful when cycling such as rainwear.

Stay warm and dry on your rides

Women's cycling rainwear is a must-have when commuting to and from work almost daily. A simple ride when it rains a few drops can quickly turn into a real shower if you don't have suitable clothing. Rainwear is therefore a piece of equipment that will always be useful for a bike rider. It is a product that can be found in different models, with different colours, at different prices but always with a thermal and waterproof advantage. For example, you can choose a cape or a poncho that can be folded up into a small pouch to be used when needed. You can also opt for a parka, a jacket or a bronte, depending on your preference. Besides, even if you have to opt for a rain jacket, why not choose one that will allow you to be visible on the road with reflective elements?

Rain trousers, but also women's cycling overskirts are also great gear for rainy days. Stains can be avoided and the wind won't get under your skirt or dress to keep your legs warm and dry.

Complete your outfit with accessories

Accessories can complete the outfit, always with the idea of being able to face the cold, wind and rain. Gloves will be particularly useful to protect your hands, but you can also opt for sleeves that will be attached directly to the handlebars. Shoe covers and helmet covers will protect you from water on rainy days. What's more, the addition of a scarf and a cap to protect your neck, head and ears from the cold will often be very useful in winter. With a few accessories, it is then possible to gain a lot of comfort during your bike trips!

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