Bike rain trousers

Bike rain trousers

If you get on your bike on a rainy day (and even more so if it has no fenders), you are most likely to get your trousers splashed all over your ride. A situation that can put anyone in a very bad position if they have to go to an important meeting. The bicycle rain trousers seem to be the ideal protection to avoid the drama!


What are bicycle rain trousers?

Bicycle rain trousers are both waterproof and breathable garments that you use over your own trousers. A pair of cycling rain trousers for men, for example, will fit over his jeans or suit trousers to protect him throughout the ride. Cycling rain trousers are therefore rainwear in the same way as a rain jacket for example.  Easy to put on, easy to take off, but also easy to store, the bike rain trousers are therefore a great ally for any biker who wants to be prepared for different eventualities during his rainy rides. 

Which bike rain trousers to choose?

At JE SUIS À VÉLO, we have a nice selection of bike rain trousers to suit everyone. For example, there's the Pantaway Overpants which are bike rain trousers for men and women designed by Tucano Urbano. Available in 3 different sizes, they slip on in a flash and have an ergonomic cut for better freedom of movement. The crotch is reinforced against wear and tear and a reflective piping allows you to remain visible on the road. On our e-shop, you can also choose the Nano bike rain pants with pull-out shoe covers also by Tucano Urbano. This way, both the trousers and the shoes are protected. There are also the Storm Rain Pants from Chrome with their 100% waterproof 3-layer fabric for extra protection and ankle zip for easy on and off. The Vaude waterproof cycling trousers are also a great choice for protection from both rain and wind. 

What other clothing should you choose to protect yourself from the rain?

Protecting yourself from the rain is a necessity when cycling on a regular or even daily basis. Rain trousers are a great asset, but so are, for example, a cape or rain jacket, both of which will protect the upper body on rainy days. There are also helmet covers to keep the rain out of the vents and of course gloves to keep your hands from getting wet and cold on your journey.  You're all set for the worst of the weather!

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