Bike repair tools

Bike repair tools

A selection of practical and easy-to-use tools to take with you on your bike adventures. Enjoy total peace of mind day and night with these useful accessories at your fingertips.

Why have bike repair tools

When you have a bike and even more so when you use it on a daily or almost daily basis, maintenance is a duty that you have to stick to for your safety. Sometimes this means just doing a little cleaning and sometimes it means more extensive work. If one knows what one is doing and is able to tackle it without the help of a professional, then one will need bike repair tools.

Among our selection, you'll find the Topeak cyclist's multi-tool. This Swiss Army Knife for the bike rider has six Allen keys, two T20/T25 Torx keys and a Phillips screwdriver. With these bike repair tools, you'll be able to tackle even the most stubborn screws and nuts so you can hit the road with a perfectly functioning bike. So bike repair tools will be a great help when it comes to maintaining your ride.


What other maintenance items to use?

To maintain a bike, bike repair tools will be useful, but they are not the only ones. Indeed, if you have a problem on the road, you can also choose to equip yourself with a bike repair kit. Inside, you will find a bike tool set, but also a puncture kit or even patches. The bike tool set will allow each tool to be used to repair the bike when necessary and the rest in case of a flat tyre on the road. As the kit is small and compact, it can be carried with you on every ride, in your carrier bag for example, and thus be assured of always having a bike tool set with you. Finally, the bike pump is also an essential bike maintenance tool. It can be found in stand format to be operated by foot or hand for more comfortable use at home to reinflate your tyres if needed. You can also opt for a mini bike pump, which you can take with you on your journeys thanks to a frame attachment. This smaller model will be easy to use and easy to carry around.

Why maintain your bike?

If you use your bike very regularly or even on a daily basis, regular maintenance is a must. It's a good idea to keep your bike in good condition and to keep it in good working order, especially if you're riding a bike that's been in use for a long time. Depending on your needs, maintenance work should be carried out on the crankset, the steering, the inner tube of the wheel or another accessory (and yes, bicycles have complex mechanisms!). With regular cleaning and proper maintenance (by you or a professional), you can continue to use your bike for many years to come!

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