Reflective clothing

Reflective clothing

Let it shine! Our range of women's reflective and fluorescent clothing is designed to ensure maximum visibility for motorists and cyclists. The perfect choice to keep you safe during your commute.

When cycling, and especially when cycling in the evening, it is not uncommon to find yourself cycling in the early hours of the morning as well as in the evening. Visibility becomes less good and it can be difficult to make sure you are seen. A woman's fluorescent bike garment will therefore make it easier to be spotted on the road, and therefore to ride more safely.

Prefer fluorescent and reflective materials

style="text-align: justify;">Fluorescent women's cycling clothing is usually made of either fluorescent or reflective materials. Indeed, a reflective women's garment is going to have the ability to reflect light. Vehicles illuminating the road with their low beams will therefore be able to easily see cyclists due to the reflection of light created by their clothing.

We offer different types of models so that you can choose the right women's fluorescent bike clothing for you. Firstly, there is what is known as the safety vest which is a sleeveless reflective women's garment to be worn over your outfit. It is the same principle as the yellow waistcoat but with a much more stylish cut and colour scheme! Mostly available in one size, this is a colourful product that can be found at all prices. By the way, wearing a reflective waistcoat is compulsory at night outside built-up areas and highly recommended at night in built-up areas.


To protect yourself from the wind while remaining visible with the help of a woman's fluorescent cycling garment, the windbreaker, the jacket or the jacket will be an ideal reflective garment for women. The reversible sleeveless down jacket is also a great women's fluorescent cycling garment for mid-season. Whatever the time of year, it is quite possible to find a reflective garment for women that suits your needs.

What to add to your reflective outfit?

You can complement your outfit with clothing and accessories that will allow you to be seen, but also to enjoy more comfort during your journeys. Women's overskirts, for example, are ideal for being able to cycle in a skirt without fear of the wind blowing underneath, keeping your legs dry and warm. The women's cycling glove is also an essential accessory for cyclists. It can be chosen as a mitt or waterproof for mid-season and a lined version for winter. The gloves are therefore also useful to protect yourself from rain. The hat and scarf will also be of valuable use in cold weather as well as the helmet which is obviously a cyclist's must-have.

As far as visibility is concerned, lighting can be attached to the bike, but also to the bag for example. To be seen from even further away, with or without the reflection of the headlights. There are also so-called beam reflectors that make it easier to be seen on the road. Reflective spray can also be a good way to be seen, as can stickers to be placed on the helmet. So there are many ways to be seen on the road so that you can pedal safely.

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