A real must-have! Our women's cycling gloves will protect you from the cold, wind and rain. What's more, they can cushion shocks from the road and protect your hands in the event of a fall. In summer, slip on a comfortable pair of fingerless gloves.

When riding a bike, the hands are usually on the front line when it comes to braving the cold and rain. The use of gloves is therefore more than recommended in winter, but also in mid-season to keep your hands warm and dry throughout your ride or even in summer to enjoy cushioning while riding.

Keep your hands dry and warm with women's cycling gloves

Every season has its own pair of women's cycling gloves! When the sun is shining and the temperatures are pleasant, it is quite possible to protect your hands with the summer cycling glove for women.

The summer cycling glove for women can for example be a pair of mittens that will protect the palm of the hands for more comfort during rides while letting the skin breathe with different openings.

In mid-season, women's cycling gloves will help protect against the first cold weather without preventing perspiration from escaping, but also keep the hands dry. For this, you can opt for a women's road cycling glove specifically designed for mid-season. Waterproof and lightweight, these women's cycling gloves will be ideal for spring and autumn.


In winter, it is above all from the cold, wind and rain that the hands must be protected. The winter women's cycling glove will then be the right model to choose. Women's winter cycling gloves are designed to protect the hands from even the coldest of temperatures, so that when you arrive at your destination, your hands will no longer be freezing. This type of product is available in various sizes, in black or in colour. It is an accessory that usually has a specific coating on the fingertips for using a smartphone, perfect when looking for your destination on a street corner, for example.

More than a women's cycling glove, you can also opt for sleeves. Practical, they attach to the handlebars and are thus easily put on whenever you want to use your bike. These women's cycling gloves in sleeve format will most often be waterproof and thus allow the most chilly to ride with both hands and wrists protected from the cold.

Protect yourself from the cold and rain with suitable clothing

More than just a women's road cycling glove, suitable clothing will ensure you get to your destination without getting wet or frozen. Women's cycling rainwear such as the parka, cape, poncho or jacket will be ideal to prevent a ride from turning into a fully clothed shower. It can be combined with reflective materials to be seen more easily on the road.

The women's cycling overskirt can also be useful in cold or rainy weather. It keeps the wind out from under her dress or skirt during a bike ride. Made from waterproof material, it keeps your legs dry and can even be lined to protect against the cold. With a Velcro or zip fastening, it can be easily attached over your day's outfit.

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