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A reliable, sturdy and easy-to-use pump to pump up your tyres in a flash. Its head is compatible with all valves, and therefore with all bikes. The long, flexible and durable hose is designed to avoid tugging on the valve during inflation. To save you from tying yourself into knots, the head rotates 360°. Excellent inflation power. It even comes with a kit for inflating mattresses and balloons! A professional pump for cyclists seeking simplicity and reliability. We approve!

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We selected this stand-up bike pump for you because it's easy to use, sturdy, and all-bike compatible! Its great value for money makes it the perfect companion for all the bikes in the family, roommate, building, office...

In detail

  • Fits all bikes (compatible with all valves)

  • The head rotates 360° for perfect ergonomics

  • Super legible gauge that lets you know the tire pressure

  • Comes with two extra tips for inflating balloons and air mattresses

  • Hose length: 87.5 cm

  • Weight: 1.3 kg

  • Size: 67.5 x 24 x 12.7 cm

  • Need a pump to take everywhere with you? Check out the Mini Dual G bike pump here

  • To maintain your bike, including taking care of your flat tires, also check out the cyclist-repair-kit.

How do I inflate my bike's tires with Topeak's Joe Blow pump?

To inflate a bike with Presta or Dunlop valves:

  • just unscrew the valve cap (sometimes it gets lost, no big deal)

  • for presta valves, to unscrew the valve safety (small moving part at the top of the valve) after removing the cap

  • push the valve into the gray side of the mouthpiece as deep as possible. Lock it with the latch and... inflates!

For the Schrader valves, it's the same, but on the black side of the spigot and there's nothing to unscrew (except the cap, of course...).

You have to add air as long as the pressure gauge shows less than the recommended pressure on the tire sidewall.

When to inflate my bike?

Well-inflated tires mean a smooth ride. We recommend that you check your tire pressure once a month. A properly inflated bike reduces the energy needed to move the bike forward and reduces the risk of punctures and tyre wear. The recommended pressure in bars is normally marked on the sidewall of the tire.

What is a valve?

The valve is the tube end that protrudes (towards the inside of the wheel) and to which you connect the hose of the stand bike pump. There are three types of valves: Presta, Schrader and Dunlop. And good news, the Topeak Joe Blow is compatible with all three!
To identify your valve:

  • Schraderit's also the valve on cars, it's a little wider than the others, and when you take the cap off, there's a needle in the middle that you press down to let the air out if you need to deflate the tires.
    --> Valve most commonly found on newer city bikes, EABs, trekking bikes
  • Presta is a thinner valve on which you have to unscrew a small safety to inflate, after removing the cap. If you press on this safety after inflation, the air escapes. Remember to screw it back on tightly before putting the cap back on.
    --> Valve most often features vintage bikes and road bikes both old and modern
  • Dunlop is an uncommon valve. It is thin like a Presta, but there is nothing to unscrew before inflating except the cap.

Brand History

"The last thing you should be worrying about is your gear, and when you're riding Topeak gear, you never have to. With over twenty-eight years of experience, their accessories are a guarantee of quality and we recommend them 100%. From the very beginning, Topeak has been creating products that have set the industry standard for innovation."

Easy to use
  • Easy to use - Yes
  • Solidity - Yes

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