Cycling gloves for men

Cycling gloves for men

A must-have for any cyclist: good cycling gloves! We offer a range of men's gloves and fingerless gloves to protect you from the cold and rain or ensure a good grip.

The men's cycling glove is an accessory that you can absolutely wear in winter, as well as in autumn, spring and summer. Indeed, it brings many advantages depending on the season in order to gain comfort and thus make your trips to and from work by bike much more pleasant.

The men's cycling glove in winter

The primary function of the men's cycling glove is above all to protect the hands. Indeed, the latter are in the front line since they are stretched forward when you move on your bike. They are therefore particularly exposed to wind, rain and cold. To keep control of your bike and not damage your hands during your rides the men's winter cycling glove is theideal accessory.

The men's winter cycling glove is a product that is both lined on the inside and waterproof on the outside. This protects the hands from moisture as well as cold throughout the ride. This type of men's cycling glove can also have cushioning elements in the palm and three fingers to make it easier to grip the handlebars. They could be complemented by tactile inserts on the fingertips for example so that you can use a smartphone even while wearing a men's cycling glove.


The protection provided by the bike glove in winter will quickly become indispensable and you will easily find models with the desired style, size and price.

Wear bike gloves in all seasons.

The men's cycling glove will of course be useful in winter to protect your hands from low temperatures, but it will also find use in all other seasons of the year.

In fact, there are models of gloves dedicated to the mid-season, i.e. spring and autumn. These are gloves that will keep your hands warm while being breathable. They can be made waterproof by adding a removable hood. They can also have protections on the palms of the hands to make it easier to hold the handlebars and to absorb shocks during rides. For added practicality, the mid-season gloves also have the option of having tactile inserts on the fingers so that you can use a smartphone without having to remove them.

Bicycle gloves can also be used in the summer, particularly by opting for mittens. Mittens allow you to take advantage of several openings so that you have an accessory that is ventilated and suitable in hot weather. For example, crocheted cotton can be used to create a highly breathable knit that is ideal for summer days. The palm of the hand will be reinforced with leather, suede or other materials to provide cushioning while riding and to protect the palm of the hand. As the fingers are in the open, using a smartphone will not be altered at all by wearing the mittens.

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