The history of the brand

The Bookman brand was born in Sweden with the idea of providing free bicycle lights to students. Two students, passionate about cycling, had the idea to offer more safety to cyclists on their campus. From there the Bookman adventure began, the brand grew on the streets of Stockholm to offer their first lights to design-loving urban cyclists in 2011. This mission then extended to all those concerned about road safety and not wanting to sacrifice their style. In a country where nights can last more than 24 hours, Bookman is the perfect solution with quality products that can withstand the most extreme conditions. 

Our product selection

It's only natural that we at I'm on a bike have selected lighting for the front and rear of the bike. Whether it's a "Block" or a "Curve", the cyclist will be able to set off in complete safety with these lights that fit perfectly on his bike. With their minimalist size and variations in green, black or white, the Bookman lights can be easily recharged to provide almost 25 hours of power. That's four different lighting modes on a single button to ensure visibility in all circumstances. These rechargeable lights are also waterproof and very discreet for a perfect match with the aesthetics of the bike.

Bookman is also reflective stickers that can be fixed on the bike or on the helmet of the cyclist. With its leopard print, the cyclist will undoubtedly be visible day and night. The model is available in black, yellow or white and even in a "bone" version for even more style! These Bookman reflective stickers are also waterproof to ensure visibility in good weather, but also in rain or snow.

Why does it fit with JE SUIS À VÉLO?

The minimalist design of the Bookman brand is totally in line with the vision we have at JE SUIS À VÉLO. We were also attracted by the brand's history and its commitment to protecting the cyclist by day and night. Bookman and JE SUIS À VÉLO have the same idea of urban cycling, so it was obvious to offer the brand's accessories on our e-shop.

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