The history of the brand

Goodordering is an independent company born in London just above a bike shop. Its founder and designer has gained experience in large companies such as Puma, Virgin Atlantic and Microsoft. So she was already making bags for the big boys before she started her own bike bag venture. Jacqui Ma's inspiration comes from Japanese school bags from the 70s and 80s, so there's a bit of nostalgia involved.

Goodordering's designs and love of technology have continued to grow over the years and they offer products that never compromise on quality. The brand offers bags for those who like to be organised, who are busy and also those who love to have fun! It was in 2016 that the first Goodordering shop appeared, in South Korea and has won many prestigious awards.

Our product selection

The Goodordering saddle bag is inspired by a school bag and comes in 5 colours: burgundy, grey, navy, black and green. This unisex saddlebag is perfect for carrying your stuff without being bulky thanks to its small size. With an easy attachment thanks to strong velcro straps, it will embellish even more the saddle of the bicycle or even its handlebars! The Goodordering pannier also has the quality of having a reflective strip on the side and being waterproof, everything is perfectly thought out for pleasant journeys. Very light (130g) and with a capacity of 1.7L, it will be possible for the cyclist to carry it on his shoulder once off the bike!

We have also selected the multi-purpose bag with luggage rack attachment from Goodordering. This cleverly designed bag attaches to the bike's luggage rack, but can also be worn on the shoulder or on the back. It is also waterproof and can hold up to 16.7L! The urban cyclist will be able to organise himself well thanks to the bag's many easy-access pockets with zips. Whether on or off the bike, Goodordering's multi-purpose pannier is simply stunning and comes in 6 different colours: burgundy, graphite, navy, black, orange and green. There's something for everyone and it's especially durable!

Why does it fit with JE SUIS À VÉLO?

Cyclists often need to carry a lot of accessories and Goodordering bags are the perfect solution! With their ingenious and aesthetically pleasing designs, the brand's bags and panniers fit perfectly on the bike, thanks in particular to the special fasteners that prevent them from getting caught in the spokes. In addition to guaranteed high quality, Goodordering offers products that can be attached almost anywhere on the bike. We at I'm ON A BIKE love this practicality and style!

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